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111, 2022

The benefits of swimming for children

At Montessori House Brussels, we enjoy taking the children who have reached the age of four for swimming classes and there are many benefits for them. Developmentally, most children [...]

910, 2022

The absorbent mind

“Peace is what every human being is craving, and it can be brought about by humanity, through the child.” − Maria Montessori, Education and Peace Aren’t these [...]

606, 2022

Our children on stage!

Every year, in May and June there is a buzz in every class, a buzz that reflects excitement, pleasure, motivation and sheer fun…and we’re not talking about the summer [...]

605, 2022

It’s Mothers’ Day breakfast!

In May every year, the children at Montessori House Brussels like to surprise their mothers by preparing a breakfast for them. This year's edition is coming up on Thursday [...]

305, 2022

Spring walk in the park

In May we will take the children out for a spring walk and picnic in Brussels' Woluwe park, which we also like to visit during the autumn (see our [...]

702, 2022

Going to the theatre!

On 14 February, we are organising a theatre trip for the children! From a very young age, children use their imagination to create stories and act out scenarios, and [...]

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