There are many ways your child can continue Montessori learning at home. These are all simple things you can ask your child to do so that they become more independent, more responsible and more attentive to what goes on at home. Try them! Children like to feel useful, and they want to help. Participating in household chores can make them feel proud. They will develop a sense of order and enjoy the completion of an activity.

The environment should be as safe and inviting as possible. Try using child-size furniture, limit the amount of activities, remove any clutter, and using little trays and baskets will help them master things which are at their size. Remember, you should give these things time and be patient, even if it means some extra work in the beginning. The results will be worth it in the long term.

For three and four year-olds

  • Setting the table with fragile dishware.
  • Helping compile a shopping list, learning to judge what items to take, and putting groceries away.
  • Choosing clothes to dress themselves.
  • Polishing shoes, metal, mirror.
  • Caring for pets.
  • Helping to maintain a neat and tidy home: making bed, clothes folded and put away, dusting, vacuuming, washing dishes, scrubbing.
  • Preparing food: cold cereal, sandwich, arranging a plate, making dessert, spreading, measuring ingredients.
  • Sharing toys/objects with friends/another.
  • Getting the mail, by unlocking lock with key.
  • Developing ability to play without constant adult supervision.
  • Hanging clothes on an accessible clothesline/drying rack

For five and six year-olds

  • Helping with meal, planning and grocery shopping.
  • Making own (simple) breakfast and cleaning up.
  • Pouring own drink.
  • Preparing the dinner table.
  • Making dinner as a family: each person helping in some role, i.e. setting the table, tearing lettuce for salad, measuring and adding ingredients for a recipe
  • Making bed and cleaning own room.
  • Sorting light and colored clothing for laundry.
  • Folding and putting clothes away.
  • Using the phone – dialing, greeting, answering.
  • Garden work (raking leaves, sweeping the walkway, caring for plants).
  • Paying for small purchases.
  • Helping clean out the car.
  • Taking out the garbage.
  • Deciding how to spend his or her part of the family (entertainment) funds – having a say and the inclusion in evaluating how to portion the monthly budget.
  • Caring for pets and living environment.
  • Tying own shoes.

And remember: try to make all this fun! Learning at home the Montessori way should be fun!