Child working in the practical life area using Montessori materials.

Montessori House Brussels uses the proven Montessori method to observe and support children’s development in an attractive environment.

Our school was the first bilingual English-French Montessori school in the Brussels area and was set up in 2006.

The garden on a sunny day.

It is housed in a beautiful early 20th century townhouse with a charming garden and playground close to the EU institutions (Montgomery).


“Notre fils Cameron fréquente la Montessori House of Brussels depuis 2019.  Alors qu’il était particulièrement réservé et angoissé par tout ce qui était nouveau au départ, il s’est parfaitement adapté à l’école, aux enfants et à la méthode d’enseignement.  La relation avec les professeurs et le directeur ainsi que la dynamique d’entraide entre les enfants l’ont beaucoup encouragé et il est maintenant toujours heureux d’aller à l’école.  Par ailleurs, la Montessori House of Brussels lui a permis de progresser tant en matière d’apprentissage de base (mathématique, anglais, français, géographie, etc.) que de développement de ses habilités personnelles (autonomie, respect, entraide, art, musique).  C’est un réel bonheur pour nous en tant que parents de voir Cameron aussi épanoui et heureux à l’école et à la maison.  Merci à Marcel et au personnel enseignant pour leur encadrement, compétence, attention et générosité.”

Nathalie, Cameron's mother

“Montessori House Brussels feels like a continuation of home, where the structure and the organisation lead to a thriving environment for children. There is a culture of inclusion whilst promoting diversity, a perfect balance between fun and education, where the children are motivated to learn for the interest of learning, and are guided on how to concentrate, be independent, autonomous, observing and caring. This school is run in such good spirit, with the determination to help children evolve in their best interest.”

Camille, Rose's and Ellie's mother

“Everything we hoped for and more! We arrived mid year and mid pandemic to a very warm welcome by Marcel, Amra and the teachers at Montessori House
Brussels. The school had taken a very pragmatic and safe approach to ensuring a sanitary and safe environment for the children while still allowing kids to be kids. I went to a Montessori school when I was a child and it was so wonderful to see my daughter learn and grow with the Montessori principles. She created lovely connections with the teachers and students as well as felt confident in the space. The teachers were always kind, proactive and well trained. In addition, the building and garden for an inner-city Brussels property cannot be beat, it is absolutely beautiful and so well-maintained. Our family is very happy with our choice and experience with this school.”

Liz, Isabel's mother

“The school is exactly what we were looking for: a bilingual English-French education, a convenient and beautiful environment, and driven by the Maria Montessori method. Most importantly, our daughter loves it!”

Sebastien, Chiara's father

“Our 3 children attended Montessori House Brussels over a period of 8 years and the foundation provided to each of them helped create a lifelong passion for learning that is still evident today.  With a staff of caring teachers that clearly have a passion for the Montessori method, we can’t think of a better way to introduce a child to the world of knowledge.”

Jennifer, Brenner's, Elliot's and Theo's mother

“It was important for us that our son, Enzo, attended a good, well-rounded school during his formative years. Montessori House Brussels was the perfect fit. With its gentle, knowledgeable and caring staff, MHB became Enzo’s second home.”

Raquel, Enzo's mother

“We have so many lovely memories from our girls’ time at Montessori House. We especially appreciated the loving teachers and the calm and warm learning environment. The school made a lasting positive impact on our girls’ life and we feel so lucky they had this opportunity.”

Maria, Audrey's and Elise's mother

“We found Montessori House Brussels by chance, but after meeting with Marcel, who introduced us to the school and the philosophy, we made a quick decision. We liked the small classes and the friendly and calm environment. After three years in MHB we can say with all confidence that the school provided an individual approach to our kids, elevating their knowledge in every subject, bilingually. During the Covid pandemic, the school did all they could to stay open for students; new rules were put in place quickly and communication with parents was very efficient. However, the most important and wonderful resource are the teachers of the school, who were very dedicated, professional and full of interest and passion towards teaching. Now, having left Brussels and Belgium, our first trip abroad was to visit the school and its teachers again!”

Priit, Maria's and Laurits' father

“Two of my children have/are attending and thriving here! The third one will most likely follow. The school offers a warm, secure and respectful environment. It follows the Montessori principles, uses top materials but most important has great teachers! Teachers are accompanying and supporting the children but also give just the right amount of encouragement. Communication with parents is well-organised and suggestions are always considered. I really enjoy observation time and the little exchanges at pickup time (classrooms are a dream to be in!).”

Ramona, Lara's and Toma's mother

“My son (and I!)  loved this place from the beginning; it is a gorgeous Montessori school where teachers are doing their job with much dedication and attention to detail. Through some magic, the children are all happy; they learn things and discover the world with much joy, so by the end they are emotionally and academically ready to start their first grade.”

Beatrice, Gabriel's mother

“Our three children all attended Montessori House Brussels. Under the warm-hearted guidance of the directing staff, Marcel van Ratingen and Amra Haseljic, the team of teachers created a serene and respectful learning environment so that each child can grow and thrive at their own pace. We recommend the school wholeheartedly!”

Kathrin, Mattis', Nais' and Lou's mother

“We are so glad we chose to attend Montessori House. We appreciated the individualized attention that allowed our daughter to progress in different subjects as she was ready. The teachers and staff were so kind and caring, we wish we could have stayed another year.”

Kate, Zoey's mother

“Montessori House Brussels is an amazing school. My daughter has gained much confidence, social skills and consideration in her school life for 2 years. Amra is a wonderful teacher. She gave my daughter various knowledge and a lot of love.”

Yasuko, Naho's mother


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