How parents can participate at Montessori House Brussels

We believe that parents and teachers share a mutual obligation to develop the full potential of children. Parents play a crucial role in developing the full potential of their children at Montessori House Brussels.

We encourage parents’ participation in various ways. You might want to cook one of your favourite dishes with the children or join us for a nice walk in the park.

We also welcome parents who wish to read a book to the children during circle time. Just ask us when this would be convenient. Grandparents have a special role in a child’s life and we encourage their active participation as well, as story-tellers, workshop leaders or guests.

If your family celebrates a holiday that is not celebrated by the school – Thanksgiving, Ramadan, Santa Lucia etc. – you are encouraged to at school with the children as well.

Information for parents at Montessori House Brussels

Every term, parents receive information about specific curriculum activities, such as the topic being studied, excursions and special requests. Messages from other staff members, school photographer or guests can be part of this Class Letter too.

We keep you informed as much as possible, as we think your child benefits from good communication between home and school.

Twice a year parents are invited to meet with the teachers (guides) at Montessori House Brussels and discuss their child’s progress regarding personal, practical, sensory and academic development. These meetings last approximately 20 minutes.

On the day of the parent-teacher conferences there is no school for the children, but free child-care is available.

When your child leaves Montessori House Brussels you will receive a School Leaving Report, which can be passed on to her or his new school.

Once a year the teachers organise an evening talk on the Montessori philosophy to give parents the opportunity to learn more about Montessori education. Information about the method and the different areas of the curriculum are shared with you as well as how to apply Montessori principles at home.

The date of this talk is communicated through the class letter.