Every year, in May and June there is a buzz in every class, a buzz that reflects excitement, pleasure, motivation and sheer fun…and we’re not talking about the summer holidays approaching! The children at Montessori House Brussels are getting ready to go on stage. It is a moment for our children to shine in front of an audience, a moment when the hard work of the past weeks pays off! Work that brings joy to our world, work that makes you feel proud. The children are rehearsing for their upcoming play!

Learning new skills

Working as a group of young children in a live performance needs collaboration and patience. They build listening skills, empathy, risk taking and perseverance. To tell a story on stage, the child needs to remember his or her lines, while wearing strange clothes and pretending to be someone else. Singing and dancing in front of an audience will most probably take them out of their comfort zone, but it is a very useful skill.

For our youngest performers in class, being seated on stage is already a challenge, more so because their parents are seated opposite them. For others whose vocabulary is still limited, taking part in a song and a dance is daring enough but it is fulfilling. Then there are those who can dance, sing and act and juggle props at the same time, carrying the show to its final act.

Although taking part in a performance can be tough and rigorous, it’s important for the children to remember to have FUN. That way, at the end, and hopefully throughout the show, they get praise and compliments from their parents. We work hard with the children at Montessori House Brussels to get ready for the stage. Their work brings joy to the family, and to each other, enriching those who saw the performance AND those who created it (including their wonderful teachers).