In May we will take the children out for a spring walk and picnic in Brussels’ Woluwe park, which we also like to visit during the autumn (see our Activities page for more information).

The children will walk from the school to the park enjoying each other’s company; the older ones will take care of the younger ones holding their hand while staying in line. They will practise how to cross the street, and study traffic signs, blooming trees and shrubs.

Once in the park, they will use their senses. At this age they learn through their senses. Their eye for detail is incredible: observing insects and studying the different shapes of leaves, their shades of green, listening to bird songs, touching the rough and smooth bark of the trees, smelling flowers…these are all sensorial experiences that help the child to understand the world that surrounds them.

When the children reach the picnic place, they can start their packed lunch (which they have carried). They can rest a bit, tidy up, and make sure that nothing is left behind them, which is an important part of respecting the environment. And of course, they will engage in free play! One wonders where they find the energy to build tipis, play hide-and-seek, football, or other activities that spring to their mind.

Of course, the walk back to school takes more time than the morning walk to the park – it’s a true ‘test’ of gross motoring skills and endurance.

But what a wonderful day in nature! The children love their spring walk to this Brussels park.